Single Scissor Lift Type X


Einfach Scherenhebebühne

Scissor Lift to lift and lower vehicles between two levels with railing to stick out of aluminium.

Einfach Scherenhebebühne

Scissor-Lift as loading platform with flaps and screwed steel guard rail with control button.

Einfach Scherenhebebühne

Single Scissor Lift with screwed galvanized handrail and two single feeds at long side of platform.

Einfach Scherenhebebühne

Scissor Lift used as attachment on a chassis for the takeover of melting pots at a steelwork.


Truck loading dock with shared drive over flaps on a narrow side and corrugated wire disguise as walkthrough protection.


Lift in galvanized finish with a hydraulic drive over flap, bolted rails on the sides and a porch railing on the narrow side. Bellows as walkthrough protection. 


Scissor lift with canopy, corrugated wire casing and drive-over flaps.

Small but powerful – 10 tons payload – small design

Scissor lift for height bridge , galvanized with railing on one side.